Friday, October 14, 2011

A Confession :(

Well , I'm just posting this confession . Ouhkayy , even thought sometimes I hate my parents but still they're just still gonna be my beloved parents aite ? So , here's the kinda sad confession : 

First of all , they're going for their 'Haji' on the 22nd of October . It's like a week from now . Ouhkayy , I must get back to my damn college on this coming Sunday -.- . So maybe , if I can't come back home next week , I won't meet them . And if I don't have the chance of meeting them , what if they die there . It's not that I want them to die , but well you know , lots of people die during 'Haji' because of , well there's million of people there . And they said that if we die at Mecca , our body will be buried there . So , I can't go there just to visit them , it's not that easy . But if they didn't die , that's great . But still they will leave us , the siblings for a month , and it's like staying at Tok's house , duhhh -.- . And and , my graduation is on the 3rd of November , which they certainly won't be there . So who's gonna represent them ? I know there's my uncles and aunties , but it won't be the same . Watching all the other students with their parents while I'm not -.-' . Who's gonna take my picture while I'm receiving my scroll , I know there's a paid photographer , but the picture must be nerd style . Who's gonna give the greatest applause for me ? Who ?! And that same day is the day that I will go back home forever , so who's gonna help me pick up all my things , surely my uncles and aunties won't -.- . Erghhh , this is all great -.- . And don't ask about my vacation for this year , it's surely gonna be at Tok's house like FOREVER ! 

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