Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Song by Athirah Ahmad Khairi

(Sing by using the rhythm I Like That)

I Like That !
E-E-E it's your birthday ,
Yeah you're gettin' older now
I know you like to pop it rock it ,
You like to live it now .

I like your Chucky smile ,
It is just so so scary ,
It makes me want to scream , 
For the first time I see it .

Kak Nisa is so cool ,
She's also so so evil , 
She likes to bully people .

She's also very cute ,
With her brown hair and brown eyes ,
But she is just that short ,
And she is just so childish .

But she's turnin' 15 now , 
Another 1 year from now , 
And she'll be Sweet 16 , 
I hope may God bless her .

So she could live long , 
And lead a happy live ,
With Ainin Sofea ,
Her cute adopted sister ,
That we all loved .

So Happy Birthday to you .
Nisa Batrisyia , Yeah Nisa Batrisyia .
Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you :)

This song was written by my junior , Nur Athirah Ahmad Khairi from Cambridge 1 .
Yeah , she has a great voice too , later I'll upload her singing it .

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